How to Camp in the Snow

Learn How to Camp in the Snow

Camping is great fun if done in good spirit, but to do winter camping you need to be well aware about how to camp in the snow. Camping can be good and bad both at the same time; the success of your camp trip depends upon the weather you are going to camp in. Summers and springs can be a great for camping trips, whereas winters and rainy season can turn your adventurous trip into a nightmare.

Opt for sunny and dry places

Camping is enjoyed mostly in the summer places, where the land is dry, the weather is sunny and people can roam here and there freely. The thing is not the same in cold places. The weather is very harsh and moist, it often snows, people cannot survive without layering 5 to 6 clothes, and there is no sun for weeks which makes the whole environment gloomy. Campers face many difficulties in travelling during the winters.

Essentials for the winter camps

The experience of camping during the winters is undoubtedly very enthralling and adventurous, the challenges which arise during winter camp is an achievement in itself. Water is not a great friend of any camper, be it frozen, or liquid. Cold places in camping can be a real nightmare and especially when it rains the situation can become very risky and threatening. There are few basic things that one needs to take care and know the basics while camping in the cold places. The three major things that affect campers during changing weathers are Shelter, Clothing, Food, and other minor tricks and tips.

Tarp is necessary

First and foremost important thing in a camp trip is a Tarp. A tarp can be all during the summers as you do not have to keep anything as your bedding but in case of winters you need insulation beneath your bedding under the tarp or you won’t be able to sleep at all.

In summer camp a tarp is all you need for sleeping, but in cold places even the thickest mattress doesn’t make provide you heat. You need to get electric insulation mattress which has automatic system in built so that it can keep the bed warm and cozy. Apart from the electric bed, you also need to keep extra tarp, plastic bags, sleeping bags, etc. because in cold region due to the high amount of moisture in the air the tarp gets brittle and chances of breakage increases. If you have plastic bags, sleeping bags and all you can cover yourself in case of any such emergency.

Next very important thing that you need to look after while camping in cold region is clothing or rather layering. People who are regular campers knows the importance of layering, without which camping becomes impossible. Camping in cold regions doesn’t mean towns and countryside, but it is mostly done is mountains and lake regions where the cold condition is extremely harsh if you don’t wear multiple warm clothes you might also die out of the cold.

Proper food

Right food is also very important while you are out of winter camping. Consume foods which provide heat and moisture to the body. Short cardio sessions are also recommended in winter camps as it heats up the body, and will energize you. These are some of the essential tips on how to camp in the snow which, when taken care thoroughly can help you a lot in having a good and memorable camping in chilling weather.

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