Living in Manhattan

Living in Manhattan – Top Factors to Keep in Mind

Whether you are joining family or looking for work; moving to New York can be a much excited experience for everyone. Known the world over for its higher cost of living and expenses, New York has a lot to offer the residents and tourists alike to indulge in some of the best activities that you’ll cherish all your life. But you need to tread carefully if you do not want to end up broke in this lively city known the over for its skyrocketing prices for everything you do. Here’s what you need to know if you are all set to settle in this city.

Best Places & Prices

With popular areas like the Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and the Upper East and Upper West, Manhattan is a place that offers best places to stay and presents limitless activities in the form of museums, restaurants and bars, and entertainment to name a few. This means that they’ll be a little expensive considering the popularity of the city with the expats and the locals alike. Even while the rental markets in Manhattan are tight for a while, most of the brokers charge 15 percent commission on annual rent or flat two months’ rent. So keep your calculations in place and plan accordingly.

Renting and Buying

You can just rent an apartment if your length of stay is short. But still, you have to probe the important factors such as the amenities provided, proximity of the place and the type of accommodation. Apart from paying additional money as a deposit, you also need to pay for utilities like heating, renters insurance or lawn service. So, jot everything down and know what the budget would be. After renting for a year or two and after you have a good credit history, it is best to consider purchasing a property as it will be a great investment and money saver in terms of the buyback value it offers.

Moving from Manhattan

Moving in and around Manhattan can be very stressful so make sure that you hire reliable movers from Manhattan that will make your moving experience more enjoyable. Also make sure that you know all the costs, guarantees and estimates before you hire any mover to avoid any surprises. It is best to hire a full service moving company that also takes care of unpacking your belongings.

Stay Safe

It is always important to take certain security measures in order to stay safe in any major metropolitan area. Follow personal safety practices when you are on the streets and double check the security concerns with regard to your home. You can go for free safety inspection by the local police who can check and further recommend safety aspects.

Always search online for any forums about the place you are moving to know what the peers are talking. It can be a great place to gain new insights and to know both about the pros and cons of the place you are going to move.

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