Effective Outdoor Camping Shower Ideas

Camping gives a great amount of enjoyment when it is planned properly. This adventure can be more civilized when you add the convenience of hot water. Think how good it will be to take a nice hot shower after the end of long dusty day in your camping trip. Then prepare your food or wash the vehicle using hot water and enjoy with all the convenience of a nature bathroom.

Knowing the right outdoor camping shower ideas will make your adventure an unforgettable event of your life. Whether it is camping, fishing, surfing, boating, canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, 4-wheeling, or sailboarding, these outdoor camping shower ideas will make your event more fun and enjoyable.

Here are a few outdoor camping shower ideas

Solar powered shower

It is one of the good outdoor camping shower ideas that not only helps for showering but also for lamps, torches and even other devices. You can even charge your mobile phones with solar powered devices. Also solar powered devices can save you on the overall cost of camping trip. RV campers needs to continuously rely on electricity and gas in order to maintain the homes. Instead, you can rely on the solar power for your needs. It is lightweight, inexpensive, and the folding plastic carrier is available in a few dissimilar sizes as far as the capacity of water goes.

Outdoor Camping Shower Ideas - Solar powered shower

Fill it with water and hang it to the tree and keep it under sun for few hours. When the water heats up, twist the nozzle and have the shower with warm and little pressure rinse.

Propane camping shower

These are portable hot showers, which are an absolutely best choice for all your needs. Propane camping showers contain push-button ignitions to allow you to begin heating mechanism without the need of a lighter. The best camping showers allow for temperature control so that you can either get super hot water or lukewarm water. Remember that you can also use a portable camping shower for hunting, fishing and sailing, at the beach or any other outdoor vacation you can think of.

Outdoor Camping Shower Ideas - Propane camping shower

Some other outdoor camping shower ideas include: public shower on the beach or any forms of public running water. Also when you want to have shower while camping, make sure that you thoroughly know about the conditions. Some campsites offer shower houses even with hot water facility, while others don’t offer any showering facilities.

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