Wild Camping

Simple Wild Camping Essentials to Make Your Trip Comfortable

Most adventurous people love wild camping. There is no precise rule book laid down as such for camping. Few people prefer to make use of tents for shelter while others opt to lay down by the road side as a camper during the night. However, our guidelines below will help you have a safe and enjoyable camping experience.

Choose an appropriate spot for night’s stay during wild camping

Select an appropriate place to stay in the night. Make sure it is not too accessible as you may get mugged by dacoits. At the same time do not make your camp so deep into the forest that you risk getting attacked by wild animals. Asking for prior permission on the land you decide to stay will be a great idea. In case you make an extempore decision to stay in a park or someone’s land for wild camping, they own every right to move you. That is why it is always good to check availability of place beforehand. Although it is difficult to ask for permission after a day long’s hike, you definitely don’t want to get disturbed in your night’s sleep. This simple rule will aid you enjoy your day long activity with a sound sleep at night.

Consider noise and light to choose a place

Select a place where there is minimal noise with apt source and amount of light. Unless you have planned your wild camping amidst your country where noise is in plenty, it will disturb your night’s sleep after a tiring long day.

Prepare yourself before leaving

Before you start for home, make sure to clean up everything to leave nothing but the impression in the grass of your tent or your sleeping place. Double-check to see if you have left anything behind.

Seek permission from the authorities

Before you plan your trip, always ask for permission from the authority where you wish to stay, be it a park or someone’s land. Although parks have rules laid down on their sites, it is always advisable to check beforehand for permission. Alternatively, if you have planned to stay on someone’s land, ask them politely and making sure to leave the land as tidy as possible. This trick will certainly get you a yes.

Camping in the wild is an enthralling prospect especially if you have an adventurous bent of mind. But the above mentioned simple tips will help you remain safe and sound during your camping trip.

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