Comfortable Jungle Camping

Some Tips for Safe and Comfortable Jungle Camping

Camping in the forest is one of the best ways to get rid of bustling urban climate and get close to natural environment. However, those who find the idea fascinating must follow the tips for safe and comfortable jungle camping as negligence towards camping in the wild could even be fatal on a bad day.

Choose appropriate campsite

Some calculations must be done even before tents are set up at the campsite. People tend to set up tents near rivers and streams, which is really dangerous. Rivers, streams, etc. can flood due to heavy rains without prior warning. Streams can flood due to occurrence of heavy rain at higher altitudes, about which the campers may not have any clue. It could become matter of life or death particularly in rain forests. Besides, setting up tents near urban areas makes people vulnerable to criminal activities. Camping near villages or established accommodations is much safe.

Food and eatables

Carrying sufficient food but not excessive is among the important tips for safe and comfortable jungle camping. Usually, availability of food is not as easy while camping in the wild. Care has to be taken to protect the food against rodents and silent food thieves of the jungle. Every edible item has to be kept in sealed containers to secure them against rats, moles, etc. If re-usable plates and vessels are to be used, they should not be kept in the tent unless washed. Their smell can even attract larger creatures.

Protection against stingers

Snakes, ants, spiders, etc. are just some of the species who inhabit the jungle and do not consider anyone for their survival. Getting bitten by one could be potentially life threatening. Being alert is the first precaution that anyone can take. Popular campsites generally do not have high population of snakes due to regular camping. However, care is utmost essential in remote regions. The convention is to focus on own footsteps while walking and being watchful of the creatures on the trees while standing. People should get done of all their toilet and bathroom activities before dark. Getting out of the tent in the dark exponentially raises the risk of getting bitten by any stinger including mosquitoes and bugs. Malaria attack is indeed not what anyone would want to remember as part of camping experience. Gathering adequate information about the campsite or hiring a local from a nearby village is a safe choice.

Anti-venom kit

One or more members among the campers must carry and know the use of anti-venom kit. Anti-venom kits contain extractors, which could save lives especially when emergency facilities are far to reach. Generic anti-venom that works against multiple types of venom can be purchased after consultation with experts. Still, prevention is better than cure.

Conclusively, sufficient supply of necessities and adequate awareness of the environment are the two tips for safe and comfortable jungle camping.

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