Useful Tips for Responsible Camping

Some Useful Tips for Responsible Camping

The right season to camp is here. This is the ideal time when people look ahead to spend some time camping with their family or friends. It is important to understand that every little action when camping counts in the end and we all need to know some tips on how we can respect nature while we have fun at the camping site. There are indeed a few important tips which one can follow when they camp out and be a good and responsible outdoor citizen.

Air, Water and Soil

  • Never waste water. Do remember to close the taps and never keep the tap running while brushing your teeth or while washing your hands etc.
  • If you find any water leakage, inform the staff at the camping site.
  • Remember to use products which are biodegradable.
  • Avoid the use of motor vehicles inside the camp site. One can choose to walk or ride a bicycle instead.

Handling Waste

  • Carry reusable cups, glasses and other dishes instead of disposable ones.
  • Check before hand if the camp site has recycling bins.
  • Never throw batteries, medicines or bulbs in the garbage along with other waste. One can check with the camp staff about the location of collection points and dispose them off properly.
  • Place all the waste and recycling materials at the appropriate locations and try and leave no traces of them behind. If few facilities are not available, carry them back and dispose the same in your town safely.

Energy Consumption

  • Whenever you have to make any purchases for your camping products, always opt for local products as this will save your fuel. Prefer reusable bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Opt for solar lamps as well as chargers instead of rechargeable lights or batteries.

Camp Fires

  • Do not make camp fires expect in those places where they are permitted but if you have restoration company near to that place you can go with care. Some parks and other camp sites have different rules when compared with each other. So, it always helps to inquire in advance.
  • Also check if you need to bring in your own wood or if it is provided in the camp ground.

No Noise

  • Though noise is accepted in the day time or even at times while others in the camp are sleeping, extremes sounds or noise is not allowed in the night. If you and your family or friends are the noisy party types, it is always advised to find some isolated place to party.

Know Speed Limits

  • Always make sure you maintain a slow speed while riding inside the camp ground. The campers are always advised to drive slowly so that they can avoid any collisions with the animals or any kids who can be playing around.

With or Without Your Pets

  • There are few campsites which do not allow pets for a number of reasons. So inquire beforehand about the rules in case the pets are allowed and of course respect the rules imposed by the management. For example, if you are taking your pet dog along, keep it on leash even if your pet is very well trained.

Respect Nature and Follow the Rules

  • Always stay on the marked trails.
  • Do not pick any flowers and help to preserve the nature.
  • Keep a distance of at least about 200 feet from any water bodies like lakes or streams.
  • Observe any fauna from a distance.
  • Never feed animals as it might cause damage to their health.

These are only some of the few tips for responsible camping and more can be learned from your own camping experiences about how to love and protect the nature. So, have a great fun camping with your family and friends.

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