Dental Floss in the Outdoors

The Top 5 Uses for Dental Floss in the Outdoors

The uses for dental floss in the outdoors help campers to get some important chores done in a simple way without the need to use separate tools for each purpose. The strong nylon fibres used in floss help with various tasks without the need to carry extra equipment and tools.

1. As a thread

Popped off button or torn sleeves are quite common while camping outdoors. During such times, dental floss can prove to be of great help as the floss can be used in place of a thread to stitch a torn sleeve or button that has popped out. It is quite obvious that the look of the stitch will not be similar to that of a job done by a tailor, but it certainly proves worthy while outdoors.

2. For lifting cookies from baking tray

There are times when people face a huge amount of trouble while trying to lift the cookies from the baking pan. The cookies often get crumbled which destroys their entire appearance. However, dental floss in outdoors helps with easy removal of the cookies from the baking pan without any trouble. By sliding the floss between the pan’s bottom and cookie crumbling of the cookies can be avoided quite easily.

3. For stitches

There is always a possibility that a person might get hurt badly while camping outdoors and needs immediate stitching to stop the bleeding. If there seem to be no time to get the person admitted to a hospital to get the stitching done, then the only way to stop bleeding is to carry out the stitching then and there. During such times, use of dental floss as stitching material proves quite worthy. With the help of sterile needle and floss, the person can be saved from near death by stitching up the wound.

4. For repairing outdoor gear

The resilient and strong material used for making dental floss helps with different causes during outdoors treks or camping. The floss can be used in place of thread for repairing tents, backpacks, umbrellas and more. Outdoor gears of different types can be easily repaired with dental floss.

5. As a fishing line

In case, a reel and rod is not available for fishing purpose while outdoors, then dental floss can be used for the purpose of hand fishing. The wax covering helps to tie even the toughest of fishing knots without much of a difficulty. However, it should be kept in mind that this is only a temporary fishing line and nothing silly should be tried which can result in unwanted circumstances.

It is obviously clear from the uses of dental floss in the outdoors that this simple material has the potential to act as a highly useful and crucial material during times of emergency and even prove to be a lifesaver against severe cuts or wounds.

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