Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

The tips for camping in hot weather help to have a quality camping trip that is enjoyable and safe at the same time. While camping is a common adventure activity of all seasons, the requirements differ according to seasons. Here are a few tips that should be helpful in hot weather camping.

Find a shady place

While hot weather camping is a thrilling experience, there is a flipside to it which is the heat. The first and most important thing among the priorities is to get under proper shade. While a quality heat-resistant camping tent is mandatory, finding a shadier place for anchoring the camp is as much important. The spot is best when under trees. It is better to avoid setting the camping tent on open grounds that is exposed to the sun directly. Shadier spots offer a cool setting and prevent direct exposure to sun.

Keep enough room for air circulation

The most important point that needs to be assured while camping in hot weather is proper circulation of air. Tent is a compulsory object in camping. But it should be ensured that it facilitates proper circulation of air. The tent should be perforated on opposite sides to enable direct circulation of air. Also, choosing the spot for setting the tent is important. The spot should be airy and the perforations on the tent should be in the direction of the wind. The rain fly can be removed from the tent at night to let the fresh night breeze come in. A battery powered fan serves a viable option as well. The discomfort caused by stunted and slow moving air during the hot hours can be prevented with such battery operated mobile fans.

Carry dresses meant for hot weather

It is important to travel light and carry light luggage while going for camping. But it is equally important to take sufficient clothes during the hot season. The most practicable idea is to carry light clothes that do not add much weight. Pure cotton is best for hot weather camping. A number of light cotton clothes can be taken without adding much weight to the camping bag. The fabric of the clothes should be breathable such that it facilitates the circulation of air through it. Dark coloured and heavy garments should be avoided.

Carry sufficient water

It is important to carry water in sufficient quantity while camping in hot weather, though the camping area should be such that the availability of water is plenty. As it is that summer seasons are more prone to showing scarcity of water, it is better to carry enough. Pure drinking water may not always be available and water for domestic use cannot serve the purpose either. When the period for camping is short, it is better to carry drinking water along.

Camping in hot weather can be really thrilling if the camper safeguards himself in all ways against the scorching sun above.

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