Tips for Camping in the Desert to Stay Safe

Camping in desert is a lot more different than camping at the other regions of the world as it varies a lot in terms of climate and every other aspect. Remember some of the tips for camping in the desert are essential as it makes your camping trip a memorable one. This would enable you to be well prepared in advance and also to be ready to face any irregular situations at the desert. Follow the below said tips to stay fit and hydrated while going on a camping trip.

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Tips for camping in the desert – Water intake & other essentials

It is hard for you to intake 8 glasses of water a day in a desert as water might be a scarcity and the hotness of the place would make you thirsty and consume more water. Consult your doctor and derive a plan that would enable you to consume less water while letting you to stay hydrated even in extreme climatic conditions. Also remember to carry many gallons of water more than what you would normally require. Also take some necessary solar water purifiers or a simple one in case if you come across water source and can store some purified water.

Another important tip for camping in the desert is that while staying in the desert it is essential that you take plenty of blankets and woolen wear to withstand the chillness of the weather. The night time and the day time in the desert are quite opposite and you may require different kind of clothes to suit the conditions. While the days are brutally hot during the day time, the nights can be just opposite with a freezing chillness. So invest in some good quality sleep bags that would offer a great degree of protection against these cold winds. Always know beforehand the degree of chillness in that region and to be ready to face it.

Other essential tips for camping in the desert

You must also remember that the mid day in a desert is the hottest part of the day and is dangerous too. The climate is at its extreme during 3 to 6 in the evening. Learning the tips for camping in the desert would suggest you to stay inside your RV or your place of accommodation and avoid getting out even for any important job. There might also be sand storms occasionally which are also very dangerous. If you are driving during that time just park your vehicle at a safe place and leave the head lights on to offer visibility to the passersby.

Stock up a lot of sunscreen lotions or Sun block creams that might be very useful to stay away from the harmful rays of the Sun. Also avoid the harsh rays of the Sun as over exposure to Sun might cause heat stroke, brain stroke and heat cramps. If you feel drowsiness or dizziness make sure you have a generous drink of water and lie down to safeguard yourself against dehydration. This should not be taken lightly as it would be fatal sometimes and may even lead to death. Also wear light cotton clothes that are loosely fit to allow the skin to breathe freely during the hot climate of the day.

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