Canoe Camping

Tips for Going Canoe Camping

Canoeing is a great experience and so is camping. Hence the two, when combined, gives the most adventurous and thrilling experience. Whether with family or with friends this form of camping is an experience that is worthwhile and better than any other camping alternatives. Making sure of some important points regarding canoe camping could help people to have the best experience.

1. Choosing a river

The foremost thing that should be done for canoe camping is selecting a river. It is better to choose a river which is known to be good for camping. The choice of river is important because there are many rivers where the flood plains are uneven and the banks are high as well. It is best to get hold of a river guide and go about reading it. Such rivers should be chosen that have easy sloped banks, flat level campsites, and sand bars.

2. Selecting the tent

The selection of tent is very important. However, it should be sufficiently large to meet the needs but should not be larger. A medium sized tent should serve the purpose pretty well. Since it is canoe camping, the sites at different banks may not be large enough to fit in large tents. It is better to go for self-standing tents than the ones that need to be staked. It can be really difficult to stake tents on sand.

3. Choose a proper menu

One very important thing that must be considered here is choosing the menu. One would definitely wish to gorge on delicacies when out. But the food should be kept simple during camping on the canoe. There are enough reasons. First, it is difficult to prepare complicated and time taking items on the canoe. Second, it is good for health to keep it as simple as possible so that the camping experience can be enjoyed, rather than falling sick and playing the spoilsport.

4. Plan beverages to keep cool

It is good to pack in juices for breakfast and soft drinks for the entire day. It is good to take along drinking water because the water may not be fit for drinking at most of the places. Cooler can be carried to keep water and the other beverages cool.

5. Prepare the kitchen

A gas stove must be carried along when out on canoe camping. Cooking is made easier and more enjoyable when there is a roll up table available at hand. It is good to carry paper plates instead of crockery, because the latter are heavier and might break under pressure. Secondly crockery would require to be washed while the paper plates can be thrown into the dustbin. However, pots and pans as well as chopping boards should be carried.

This form of camping does offer the excitement and thrill of canoeing and camping in a combined fashion, but they also require certain basic preparations. These preparations would ideally make the entire experience worthwhile.

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