Some Simple Tips to Enjoy Camping Trips to the Fullest

Here are some tips to enjoy camping trips to ensure that you have a fun time while smoothly enjoying your camping.

Camping is great fun and necessitates cautious planning in order to make it an experience worth recollecting fondly. But the fact it is not necessary for you to be a regular camper in order to enjoy camping. It requires no prior experience in camping. That is what makes camping so amazing. With some simple tips to enjoy camping trips, you can discover the secret to have a splendid camping trip.

Tips to enjoy camping trips – Start by packing light and smart

Prepare a checklist and carry only the essential things. Carrying a dozen bags and suitcases packed with what you reckon vital will certainly slow you down and lower your energy besides wrecking your camping trip. Portion out necessities like medications, lotions, shampoo and other such things in small containers with only the amount you need during the camping days.

Tips to Enjoy Camping Trips

Choosing a campsite

Select a spot which is tidy and clean with safe water source. Carrying many heavy bottles of water will lessen your energy and not having sufficient water to drink will definitely dehydrate you. Secondly, pick an isolated spot so that your privacy is not impeded. But don’t hurl your tent straight under the tree as it can be perilous on the face of a storm.

Keep insects away

To keep insects away, spray Ammonia on the left-over food to eliminate the smell of garbage and debris. This is one of the most important tips to enjoy camping trips and you can also keep animals away. After washing hands, use baking soda to wash your hands and clothes to do away with the food’s smell. This will keep bears and other wild animals away from you. And to keep ants and cockroaches away, you can draw chalked lines bordering your tent. Also, don’t forget to wear a mosquito repellent lotion.

Suitable cooking skill  

Prepare and carry measured ingredients from home prior to camping trip. This will keep you away from the hassle of carrying numerous spoons and cups for measurement, and hence will be convenient for you to empty the measured ingredients in cooking vessels. Also, label all your containers. You surely don’t want to put salt in place of sugar in your coffee mistakenly.

Also consider other useful tips to enjoy camping trips like carrying semi-cook foods from home to make sure that you do not waste much time to cook while on the camping adventure. Cover your cooking vessels, this will save time and fuel. Carry matchbox and if you are doubtful of their longevity, dip them in melted paraffin or nail polish to make them waterproof.

Take adequate rest

This is one of the most essential tips to enjoy camping trips. If you feel uncomfortable you can even try sleeping naked. Yes, you read it right. Since the heat of your body will be replicated back to you because of the tent, try to sleep naked. Also, carry a catalytic heater. This will provide you with harmless and fire-free warmth for a sound sleep.

Essentials for camping

Carry snacks, water, compass, watch, torchlight, mobile phone and other such important things in case of any emergency. Wear light weighed running shoes and socks to avoid blisters on your feet. If it’s hot outside during camping, cover yourself with a wet towel. This will keep sun-stroke at bay.

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