Tent Tips for Happy Camping

Top 10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping

When it comes to deciding how you would want to spend your vacation holidays, indeed camping is the first thing that pops in your mind. Camping with friends or with family can certainly be an invigorating experience. There are people who also like to camp alone and it gives them a rush of excitement and thrill as it offers a completely different kind of experience.

All the nights spent in nature’s lap as you sleep in the tents and burn logs will indeed be an unforgettable memory for you. Camping is relaxing as well as fun. It is also equally important to know the right procedure to set up a camping tent. Planning a camping trip can indeed be a daunting task if you have never been to one before. Here are 10 tent tips for happy camping to adhere to if you want to relish each and every moment of your camping vacation.

  1. Before knowing 10 tent tips for happy camping, it is essential that you have purchased all the required camping accessories and materials, especially the tent tarp.
  2. Prior to packing the tent tarp, you should check it properly for any defects like loose stitching, leaking points or any other spoilt portion in the tent tarp. Ensure that you have a leak proofed the tent tarp.
  3. You should ensure that all other necessary materials like tarp fixing components, poles as well as pole fixing tools are packed in the luggage.
  4. When you are buying a tent tarp, ask the manufacturer to provide you a rain proof tent tarp. This means that you may also use a rainfly, which can protect the entire tent including its sides and the top.
  5. The tent trap should have proper ventilation for fresh air to come in. With a rain proof tarp, the inside of the tent will be completely protected against rain. Never forget to use a rainfly to protect the tent.
  6. When talking about 10 tent tips for happy camping, the mention of a robust floor cover is inevitable. With a floor cover, no dirt or moisture will enter the tent. A floor cover with a plastic bottom is a good option. The cloth cover will depend on the weather at the time of camping.
  7. When you go camping, it is always advisable that you choose a flat area to put up the tent. Before you set up the tent, you can always clean the ground by getting rid of insects, bushes and dirt. Level the ground where you want to set up the tent. If possible, clean the tent’s surrounding area as well.
  8. Talking about 10 tent tips for happy camping, it is also important to remember that you should not be setting up the tent near stagnant or sluggish water ponds. Such ponds are a breeding ground for disease-causing mosquitoes and they can make your time at the campground really uncomfortable.
  9. Always ensure that you strongly anchored the tarp to the poles. You should also make sure the poles are placed by providing adequate support with mud and rubbles.
  10. While setting up the camp tent, you should see to it that all threads and cross wires are fixed properly before you sleep during the night.

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