Mojave Desert Camping

Useful Tips for Mojave Desert Camping

Mojave Desert has become a popular destination for the campers and travelers all over the world mainly because of the most sought-after gambling destination, Las Vegas. Some of the tips for Mojave Desert camping mentioned here will help those planning a visit to this place in enjoying the numerous attractions and natural features that are located here. Listed below are some of the tips for camping in Mojave Desert.

Get a map

Even in this age of satellite technology and the internet, a map needs to be carried everytime, as connectivity in the Mojave desert is pretty low. It suggests that one will be feeling completely isolated in the desert region. There lie high chances where the oh-so-popular GPS might be failing in this area. So it is always a good idea to carry a map of the region, which will be helping one in telling their exact position and where they are headed to. This is one of the most useful and important tips for Mojave Desert camping.

Arrive early

Quite a number of people get lost in the Mojave Desert every year, with the night time being the chief culprit. So one should be arriving in the desert as early as possible so as to find the campsite as long as the light lasts. All the campsites here are located in the mid of the desert, so it takes some time in reaching them. Adding to the woes would be the roads which are not developed enough to handle a speed of more than 40-50 mph.

Mojave Desert Camping

Have enough handy-lights

One should not be depend on the car’s headlights alone. Scanty lighting might create a lot of trouble in this region which will result in one groping in the dark. Headlamp or a lantern is quite helpful in such conditions. One should make sure that these equipments are picked from the stores before heading to the desert. Arguably, one of the important tips for Mojave Desert camping.

One should learn how to change flat tires

The possibility of getting a flat tire on the way of getting to the Mojave Desert is pretty high. The roads in this region are quite dusty and one should not get surprised if a one-inch nail accidentally makes a room for itself in the tire. So one should possess a fair amount of knowledge in changing flat tires. Even if one gets lucky to get a tow truck in such a situation, one should remember to tip the guy quite well, because there are every possibilities of a recurrence.

Research the campsite

Before heading to the Mojave Desert, one should be doing enough research so as to satisfy themselves with their chosen campsite. One should prefer a campsite which is fairly equipped with campfires and picnic tables. One should also prioritize the view that the campsite is providing. Fees and other amenities should be looked at too. Mark the campsite on the map and head towards the Wild West trip with the mindset of an adventurer.

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