Tips for Jungle Camping

Useful Tips for Safe Jungle Camping

There can be nothing more adventurous than camping in a  jungle. While the experience is thrilling, it needs the people to take the right precautions to ensure safety. After all, jungle is the place where no human laws and codes exist. It therefore depends solely on the person venturing for a camp in the jungle to ensure his or her own safety. Here are some of the tips for safe jungle camping.

Choice of the site for camp

The choice of the camping site is most important. The choice of site again depends on the place that has been selected for camping. It also depends on the type of the jungle. This is important because inability to choose a proper site can result in the loss of belongings, and sometimes, even life. Therefore camping in a jungle is not an easy thing to do. For instance, while camping beside a river in the jungle is advisable, it is not when it is monsoon. It could also wash the campsite completely.

Carrying bug repellent

While this is a very obvious thing that any person would do, this is one of the tips for safe jungle camping. However, there are many people who are camping enthusiasts, who either forget or overlook the need for taking a bug repellent along. The bugs in the jungles are poisonous and can cause severe allergies, giving emergence to a troubling situation. Moreover, bugs in the jungles carry various infectious germs and can cause severe infections. Strong bug repellent cream is of help as it keeps away the bugs.

Carry a first aid kit

This is again one of the tips for safe jungle camping that concerns the life and health of the person camping out. When camping is done in the jungle, people are open to a large number of threats both to health and to life. At the same time the camping people are far away from the reach of medical sciences. Its important to treat the wounds when they are small, as they can aggravate and become serious when they grow. It is therefore important to keep a first aid kit ready for treating all minor troubles.

Clothing and tent should be water proof

It is one of the most important things to ensure that the tent is water proof. This protects in case it rains while camping. The clothes should also be water resistant. While in the jungle, people need to prepare themselves to face the worst of things than to suffer from the consequences thereafter.  Water proof clothes are advised because there can arise a need to wade through the waters.

Carrying a matches

When camping  in the jungle, people should most evidently need a bonfire near the site of the camp as this is one of the tips for safe jungle camping. The materials required for kindling may not be available easily. Carrying matches is advisable.

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