Le Grand Champ, France

Europe’s Best Mountain Campsites

Europe’s best mountain campsites range from the sun-kissed sierras to the tranquil Alpine meadows. The Swiss Valley hideaway is also worth mentioning when speaking about the best mountain campsites in Europe because it exemplifies the joy of camping at high altitudes. There are some stunning mountain campsites in Europe that can enthrall you with the splendid views that they offer.

Petit Praz, Switzerland

This mountain campsite in La Monta possesses head-clearing air and spectacular views. It is just short of 2000 miles in the Swiss Alps and is the highest campsite in Europe. If you pitch your camping tent on the hill’s shoulder you will be able to enjoy the sights of 4000m summits of Pigne d’Arolla and Mont Collon. You can enjoy both walking and climbing at this campsite and making a trip to Lac Bleu is quite compulsory. Reaching the top will give you a splendid view of a lake that is crystal-clear with its water tumbling over the rocks and a number of pools running down the hill.

Le Grand Champ, France

Le Grand Champ, France

Le Grand Champ is a mountain campsite located in the foothills of Mont Blanc under the towering peak called Aiguille du Midi. This campsite has a very good location offering mountain views on all sides. This place looks very much like Shangri-La which is a secluded valley stranded from the world. This is because of the oft-snow topped and jagged blocks of rock dominating this area’s horizon. The pretty pitches at this campsite are neatly separated by trees, hedges and bushes. The campsite has room for more than 100 caravans or tents and the layout of this campsite gives way to an intimate feeling.

Fernsteinsee, Austria

King Ludwig II, the Bravarian king was very fond of staying at Fernsteinsee, Austria because of its splendid castle. This campsite at present does not possess the winsome castles, but 125 wonderful pitches lying very close to Tyrolean Mountains. The facilities available at this campsite are above-average. There is an outdoor terrace, bar, well-stocked shop, solarium and sauna at the campsite. Campers can explore the Tyrolean Alps from small but charming villages like Obsteig and Nassereith and even from the town called Imst. Imst is an attractive place that brims with several activity opportunities like canyoning and climbing.

Seiser Alm, Italy

Seiser Alm meaning German Moniker is called Alpe di Siusi in its Italian version. This campsite lies in the heart of the Dolomites where huge Triassic rock formations erupt as monoliths from Alpine fauna and a soft bed of pine trees. A very long shadow of 2500m Sciliar Massif directly falls at this campsite where small tents are well-pitched on grassy knolls. The campsite also offers 210 miles of hiking tracks. Seiser Alm connecting chair lifts and cable car are also an added feature of this campsite. You can also look to visit the natural lake called Laghetto di Fie known for its water quality. These are Europe’s best mountain campsites that can serve as a good retreat for campers.

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