Mombo camp, Botswana

Some of the Best Campsites Around the World

Camping brings with it memories and experiences that are simply unexplainable. Camping and its sore spirit and simplicity sets in an incomparable and welcoming clarity in every individual. Camping can be fun and adventurous but at the same time the choice of the best campsite is also important because all campsites are not able to render the same experience that is expected by the campers. Some of the best campsites around the world that can always be used as camping destinations are mentioned hereunder.

Mombo camp, Botswana

Mombo camp is situated in northern Botswana and it also has Moremi on its sides. This campsite serves to be the best for exploring the wildlife of Africa. The animals at this campsite include wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and rhino. Buffalos and elephants are also very common at this campsite. The main attractions of this campsite are the cheetahs, leopards and lions that can be easily visible from the shelter tents. Wooden platforms with outdoor and indoor showers comprise the accommodation of this campsite.

Paperbark camp, Australia

Paperbark camp is a drive of two hours from Sydney and it is a luxurious campsite offering the best services to its consumers. This campsite offers a mix of wildlife and luxury. The camp site is located very close to the Booderee national Park and it includes animals like seals, penguins and dolphins. This is a campsite that offers its consumers with good walks along beautiful vineyards and beaches of white sand.

Le Brevedent, France

Le Brevedet is considered to be a classic campsite in Europe. This campsite is French styled and it is sited on hunting areas and green sites. This campsite is a mix of civilization and outdoor activities. The camp is considered to be the best in Europe because of its natural environment and also because of its incredible food.

Banjara Camps & Resorts, Himachal Pradesh

The Banjara camp is a great piece of landscape and beauty because it is set at an altitude of 270 meters, surrounded by rock structures that are white peaked, Blue River that is very deep and exotic insects. The camp site is located in the eastern side of India bordering Tibet and engulfing the Himalayas. The campsite offers its visitors Swiss styled camping experience. This camp is indeed a great work of beauty because of its exotic tents and the views that are provided to the visitors. The campsite also makes special arrangements for the protection of its visitors from the chilly nights that are unbearable.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, Kenya

This campsite is situated on the rim of Mara and it borders Tanzania. It is not ideal for family adventure because of the large scale camping experience that it provides. There are beautiful tents rendered to the visitors of the camp for astonishing views. Rhinos and giraffes are the common animals included in the campsite and it ranks among the best campsites around the world.

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