Camping Sites in Slovenia

The Best Camping Sites in Slovenia

The youth of today is bent towards the thought of tent travelling in Slovenia. Not only the youth but even the nature lovers have the thirst to camp in Slovenia because they value the cleanliness, comfort and the peace at Slovenia camping sites. There are numerous campsites available in Slovenia and most of them possess five star rating because of the facilities that they offer. Most of the campsites that are found in Slovenia are located in the outskirts of Slovenia and even in the green countryside. Some of the campsites are also situated along lakes and rivers and are considered to be perfect for people who love angling and water sports.

Camping Adria

Adria campsite in Slovenia is located in Ankara which is a very narrow division of Slovenia between the Trieste town and Istrian peninsula on Adriatic Sea. Camping Adria is considered to be a very wonderful region and ideal for camping with sea, sun, sand and an area that possesses some of the loveliest places that can be discovered. The countryside, coast, lakes and mountains of Slovenia are some of the key attractions of camping Adria.

Camping Bled

Camping Bled is a beautiful campsite that has a fairytale location in the center of Juliana Alps. This campsite is suitable for family camping because of its idyllic and impressive landscapes and a climate that is very pleasant and mild. Campsite Bled location is simply magnificent with beautiful panoramas. The main attractions of this site are the small island with a church and the lake at Bled hat.

Campsite Menina

Campsite Menina is sited on Opper Savinja Valley that lies in the center of Slovenia. Campsite Menina is found along River Savinja and it also consists of a lake that can be used for swimming. The surroundings of the campsite are beautiful and they serve to be perfect for fresh air holiday. There is scope for both strenuous activities and relaxation at this campsite such as kayaking, mountain biking and rafting.

Camp Danica

Camp Danica is situated near the Sava River which is found at Bohinjska Bistrica. This campsite is very spacious and at the same time it possesses a surrounding that is quiet and serene. This is a campsite with modern facilities and it even possesses a picnic place for the kids. Badminton, volleyball, tennis and table tennis are some sports activities offered at the campsite. Sport climbing, hiking, walking and mountaineering are the other facilities that can be enjoyed by the campers at this campsite.

Campsite Sobec

Campsite Sobec is nestled beautifully with pine trees that lie between Sava Dolinka River and Sobec Lake. The campsite provides its visitors with the stunning sights of Karawanke Mountains and Juliana Alps. Wood has been used largely for the construction of this campsite built in alpine style. There are countless cultural and natural sights available at campsite Sobec and this is the reason why this campsite ranks among the best camping sites in Slovenia.

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