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Top 10 Campsites in Nevada, USA

Nevada is a good place to go camping where neither the company of your partner does not matter or your age. This is the place where couples can enjoy their honeymoon and even youngsters can enjoy camping with friends or family. There are quite a number of places where one can visit in Nevada with the family during any season or during the holidays. Listed below are a few places which are ideal for a holiday with both family and friends.

1. Cathedral Gorge State Park

Park is proof of luxurious past of the state. In eastern Nevada, Panaca is a place with a dramatic series of canyons. There are so many places to enjoy including hallows, valleys and above all; the most interesting thing is circular line of about 6.5 kms. It’s found that before few millions of year ago desert of Nevada was drowned into the gigantic lake.

2. Great Basin National Park

In middle of the Nevada’s geographical area is the park named Great Basin National Park. A huge number of valleys and mountains are found in this park. Due to open sky area it is also known as skies of dazzling night. Lots of wild animals have made their habitat in this area.

3. Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada is covered with red rocks and is known for its beauty. More than 150 million years ago red stones of sand were formed because of sand humps. Timings for the visitors are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm during which exhibition of geology, ecology, etc. related to the surrounding area is presented.

4. Hilltop Campground in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

As this area is covered with the green trees so it’s found quite pleasant cold in the surrounding areas. There is one mountain named Charleston with height of more than 3600 meters which is a must-visit place for all the campers and tourists.

5. Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

This park is found in west-central Nevada and is unique in the sense that this is considered a haunting place. According to a story, about 42000 troy ounces of gold was found in the tunnels dug under the area of Berlin.

6. Black Rock Desert Recreation Area

A festival called Burning Man Festival is celebrated here in which more than 50000 people take part and it is celebrated during the summer annually. During the rest of the time climate is so unfavorable that most of the campers and locals avoid this place.

7. Ruby Mountains Scenic Area

This place is an example of Nevada’s icy past. This is also a spot where once can have a glimpse of hanging valleys, moraines, and also cirques of granite. There is also a 60 km long recreational trail where bikers can try their new talent.

8. Cottonwood Guest Ranch

In north western area of Nevada cottonwood Guest Ranch is best place to visit. Horse riding is so famous here that it is advisable to roam in this area on horseback. Night camping, wild life, mountain climbing, etc are some of the activities to enjoy here.

9. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is situated between the border of Nevada and California. From under water swimming to fishing, campers can enjoy a lot of activities here. There are also a lot of water sports to try and for those who just want to enjoy the serene atmosphere, sunbathing is a good option to enjoy the environment around the Lake.

10. Lake Mead or Lake Mohave

One more Lake in the surrounding is too attractive that every visitor should visit in Nevada. There are around five campgrounds in which any one can enjoy the beautiful view of the lake just by pitching a tent in this ground.

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