Village Camping at Les Pecheurs

Top 10 Coastal Campsites in France

Are you planning for a holiday with your family and friends? If yes, are you confused where to head to. One can certainly try for a coastal campsite to have loads of fun and excitement. One such country which offers its tourists with some great campsites is France. France is a wonderful country and there are countless wonderful things to see in France. However, its coastline is the best thing to happen to France. So, what are the perks of the coastline at France? Here are the top 10 campsites that you will get to see in France.

1. Kon Tiki

This village has got beautiful and scenic greenery all around it. Moreover, the huts and the locals are a complete delight. If you are an avid camper then this village is a must visit for you. It is a wonderful site and you’ll have everything here from adventure sports to a circus to a jet ski.

2. Le Club Farret

This is another beautiful spot in France and camping here should be a complete delight. It has other nearby locations that can be termed as a fun visit. A large number of families come to this place on a regular basis. The best part about this camping site is that it has got gates. Hence, if you have kids, you don’t have to worry about losing them.

3. Domaine Les Moulins

This site is an absolute beauty. Nothing gets better than this for a camper. It is an absolute delight to set your coastal camp here. It will be a good set up and you are going to enjoy and have a good time.

4. Village Camping at Les Pecheurs

One often craves for a village experience over luxury and comfort during a camping trip. This place offers you just the same. Hence, those looking for something authentic and different can land up here. This is one of the best and most reliable camping sites in all of France and as enjoyable too. Hence, a large number of people flock here regularly.

5. Camping Le Pin Sec

Not just the name but the place itself is unique. It isn’t just another camping spot and in order to feel it, you need to go experience it yourself.

6. Camping Le Rompval

The place is budget friendly and the best hangout camp spot for couples. It offers space aplenty for 2 man tents and hence, those travelling in pairs can pretty much cast their tents at the spot.

7. L’Anse du Brick

This is the most unique camping experience you will ever have. You are allowed to camp on the roof with a view of the sea and it is an extremely lovely experience. The rooftop view of the sea and the scenery is well worth it.

8. Panorama Du Pyla

Forest, sand dunes and water! Isn’t that the best you can get from nature? What’s more, this camping site is also home to the tallest sand dune in the entire world. Hence, you get to marvel at more things than you thought of.

9. Camping Les Baleines

Camping Les Baleines

This place is a little different from the regular camping sites because it doesn’t give you that ancient, caveman like feel while camping.

10. Bot Conan

This lodge allows its users to have a cliff top walk all the time and gives them countless facilities while they are camping.

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