Light Weight Camping Tents for Hikers

Light Weight Camping Tents for Hikers

Lightweight camping tents are perfect for hikers, mountaineers and those looking to carry a tent in their backpack. The ultra lightweight tents are available in 1 to 4 berth size, they are quick and easy to erect, waterproof and have their own groundsheet. For those who are newer to camping, research is the key in […]

Camping Tent Accessories

Camping Tent Accessories to Pack for the Trip

Camping tent accessories cannot just guarantee that the camper stays dry and warm, additionally help to augment the life of the tent. Picking the best tent accessories will help to make the entire camping knowledge more pleasurable. Arranging and readiness are fundamental when any camping trip is continuously composed. You will never comprehend what will […]

Luggage locks

10 Best Gifts for Backpackers 2015

The 10 best gifts for backpackers for 2015 can go a very long way in boosting the comfort of a backpacker or traveler. Backpackers generally travel on a very limited budget and they do not have enough money to overindulge in. Keep in mind that the very best gifts for travelers and backpackers are the […]

St. Croix Tidemaster

The 10 Best Fishing Rods for Your Camping Trips

Choosing the right fishing rod can be quite a daunting task as one can find a number of rods in the market. Another major disadvantage one has when they have to purchase the fishing rods is the lack of any reviews. Though we might find some websites as well as magazines giving their own outlook […]

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Shrinking Your Packing

When you head out for a camping trip it can sometimes feel like you are hiking about with your entire life on your back, making you more like a snail than an outdoor adventurer. The problem is of course that it is hard to know what to take and what to leave. Once you are […]

How to Find the Right Hiking Boots

How to Find the Right Hiking Boots?

The obvious question that comes into your mind, while planning a hiking trip in the rugged and rocky mountain terrains is how to find the right hiking boots. The search for the perfect hiking boots has some similarities with matchmaking. The choices for the hiking boots are usually resting on: Your hiking boots must match […]