St. Anthony Falls

Best Family Hiking Trails in Minnesota

There are a number of hiking trails in Minnesota that can be included in the list of the best family hiking trails in Minnesota. Minnesota is a place better known or hiking and canoeing. It is a place with an abundance of forests and parks that can be used for having a full-fledged hiking experience. […]

Ways to Increase Your Hiking Speeds

5 Ways to Increase Your Hiking Speeds

Hiking is very simple and it is basically a learned talent, but you can always improve this talent by using the 5 ways to increase your hiking speeds. The main thing that you need to pay attention to is the technique that you use in hiking. Hiking speeds can always be increased by following the […]

Glacier National Park, Montana

10 Best Hikes in National Parks

Among the many hiking destinations, the 10 best hikes in national parks list out the top sights and ideal trails. These places have a lot to offer for the hikers who can explore the magnificent landscapes. Different parks have distinct features. You can find unusual rock formations, great canyons, exquisite beaches or rich wildlife. Being […]

Pacific Crest Trail

Top 5 Alternatives to Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail is the most popular hiking trail in the US. Almost everyone who has hiked more than once can expect to have experienced the journey through this terrain. The same reason can mean monotony for some passionate hikers. For them, the top alternatives to Appalachian Trail can be welcome options to try their feet […]

Anacapa Island

10 Great Wildflower Hikes Across the World

Hiking is one of the most exciting holiday activities. While some people hike for adventure, others do it to find out strange features about the nature. Different species of wildflowers could make hiking experience memorable. 1. Anacapa Island in California The Anacapa Island provides a spectacular option for a great wildflower hike. It begins with […]

Historical Hikes

5 Historical Hikes of Arkansas Hikers Enjoy

Hiking is a good adventure but hiking through a trail that has significance in history adds upon the excitement. There are at least 5 historical hikes in Arkansas that have such significance in history. 1. Butterfield Trail Butterfield Trail was originally an overland mail route that was built in 1858 by John Butterfield, who was […]