Health Benefits Of Laughter

Author: Kevin J. Tracey

Laughter is a very good medicine for good health; it is a very old and appropriate saying. People who always have smile on their face and keep laughing are less prone to diseases like blood pressure, stress and fatigue. It is even proved that laughter strengthens the immune system, reduces food cravings and gives strength to bear pain. Humor therapy has recently come up to treat people suffering from stress or other related maladies.

Except above written facts laughter have many other benefits also. They keep you mentally as well as physically fit. Most important amongst them are written below:

Keeps Physically and Mentally Fit

This you can experience practically only. Laugh and feel lightness inside you (look Focus Factor) and relieve from all stresses, source Focus Factor reviews. It lends glow to face as well give relief mentally.


Laughter helps in increasing the number of positive hormones in the body and decreases the count of negative hormones. For example, it reduces stress causing hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine etc. On the other hand raises the level of health-enhancing hormones like endorphins, and neurotransmitters. Also antibody producing cells and effectiveness of T cells get great boost from laughter. Thus in all laughter strengthens immune system.

Exercise of Internal Parts of the Body

When we laugh our diaphragm and abs gets contracted and expanded, which is a very good stomach exercise. It is a good exercise for our heart and shoulders also. Also our muscles get relaxed.

Divert Negative Emotions

For anger, stress and all other negative emotions laughter is a very good distraction. It brings the focus away from them that is very beneficial for the body.

Positive Attitude

People who always laugh in negative situations also have a very positive attitude for life, which is a real way of living life. It is so because humor helps us in taking negatives as challenges of life, thus make things positive.

Social Benefits

It tones our relationships with others. People love to be with ones always laughs. It not only helps in reducing personal stresses but also of those present around. So if you bring laughter into your life others will also be much influenced with you. Laughter is a great source of inspiration.

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Posted by Michelle Rawlings