Ideal Locations Across the Globe for Urban RV Adventures

Even though majority of people like to camp in rural settings, urban RV adventures is the best way to witness some of the amazing cities in an affordable and easy way. There are several places which form ideal locations for urban camping while some of them offer some unique element for the fun as well.

Washington D.C.

This is the place where one can find numerous things to do, however urban campers need to do some searchfor camping within the city. Most of the popular attractions of Washington D.C. are easily reachable through public transportation or shuttle service. Cherry Hill Park happens to be a good camping option for campers willing to travel to Washington D.C. Public transport passes and tokens are sold by the campground and even include an onsite metro stop.


There is hardly any place better than London for an ideal urban RV adventure. Most of the tourist attractions in London are free but accommodation and meal costs can definitely burn a hole in the pocket. Camping is considered as the ideal alternative which can lead to savings in significant amount. Campers can enjoy the popular sights and attractions of London like Tower of London, Madame Tussauds and Tate Modern. This modern getaway maintains the right balance between the modern outlook and rustic nature.


People in love with waterfront nature would definitely like the idea of camping in Paris. Campers willing to make their stay at a beautiful natural place and even soak in the vibrant life of the city can opt for de Maisons-Laffitte located on Seine’s bank. Well-equipped mobile homes, RV pull-through and tent spots are easily available at a few minutes distance from city centre. During the day time, campers can enjoy visiting the famous sites like Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame and many more.

New York City

During summer months, New York City becomes the preferred destination for urban RV adventures because of the free camping program being organised during that period. Tents and spaces are limited so it is better to book in advance. Apart from experiencing living in a park, campers can also take free rides to witness the New York Harbour and Statue of Liberty from up close which can be an unforgettable experience.


Munich is well connected with some of the famous European destinations and certainly the place where the Oktoberfest comes to life. There are plenty of camping options available in Munich and it is hard to miss out on the interesting activities taking place almost all throughout the day. This historic city can be regarded as a great urban camping destination simply because of its lively atmosphere and friendly locales.

Campers have the opportunity to enjoy smells, sounds and sights of some of the top cities in the world through their urban RV adventures that too at a very reasonable cost.

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