Have Loads of Fun with RV Winter Camping

RV winter campingis the best option available for campers as winter is the right time to explore the beauty of snow-tipped mountains and snow layered regions.

There is no other way to stay active and refreshed in winter rather than opting to RV winter camping. Be amazed at the beauty of frozen lakes and landscapes. This is the season when the weather is beautiful and while camping there are some things to bear in mind to make your camping a memorable one. The RV destinations offer a clean and crisp environment for camping and also let you take part in activities such as skiing, hunting and skating.

Preparations for RV winter camping

RV Winter CampingWhile planning on a RV camping in winter,it is necessary to plan well and be prepared to face the cold weather. Invest in some good quality thick woolen blankets, lots of food and also excess fuel. The blankets should be purchased in plenty as you might need more layers to keep you warm. The same applies to choosing woolen clothing, socks, shoes and boots. Always monitor the weather and find out whether the location of your choice would experience blizzards or heavy snow fall. This might affect your travel plan and would lead to some unfavorable situations.

Make sure you have more than enough fuel than required and also have a power backup such as a generator always ready at your hand. Always remember to fill the generator with enough fuel and have some extra gallons. Fuel might be handy during extreme snowy conditions as you might need the warmth very badly. Always remember that your camping gear must have a first aid kit, other essential items and other things needed for emergency situations such as a radio, compass, whistle, flare guns, torches, lanterns, mobile phones, batteries and chargers. Also have some essential tools such as hammer, ice pick, small axes, screw drivers, nails, knives and ropes.

Things to do while RV camping in winter

Check with a few RV winter camping or arctic camping package as they might be clubbed with some essential features such as insulation against your appliances, piping and sewer pipes and also plumbing assistance which is essential from freezing. These RVs are important while going to areas that have temperature below 10° F. Also get your RV completely serviced and geared up for the camping trip. Review your seating arrangements to make your ride a comfortable one. Insulate the lower portion of the RV at the outer side as there are chances of the tanks getting frozen.

The same applies to water cans and fuel cans to prevent them from turning into ice. While parking your RV at any camping site remember to keep wooden planks to prevent the RV tires from sinking to the ground. Install dehumidifiers that can reduce the formations of ice on the doors and windows of your RV that might even jam your doors and prevent it from opening. Also try to put 40 watts bulb in the toilets to maintain the heat and to prevent the water from freezing. Also have extra amounts of water to safeguard yourself and to take care of the necessities at times when there is scarcity of water.

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