RV Packing Tips

Useful RV Packing Tips to Make Your Trip Enjoyable

Once you have decided on your RV trip and also decided which location you would be visiting, the next important task is to start packing for your RV. Useful tips for RV packing can save you a lot of effort and time. Here are some of the useful RV packing tips to make your job simpler.

First and foremost, you should be careful about the weight of the stuff that you are packing. The fuel economy delivered by your RV will be largely depending on how much weight the RV is stuffed with, especially if you are planning for a very long trip with your family or friends.

The lesser weight your RV has to bear with, the higher fuel efficiency it will deliver. Though you may not feel the pinch when you have to fill one gallon extra for one mile, however, you would certainly feel the difference when you are on long drive for holidays as the additional fuel expenses can go up to $100.00 approximately.

Expenses of your RV Trip

If you are thinking how to reduce the overall expenses of your RV trip, then weight is indeed one of the deciding factors. Most people plan for lengthy trips and hence cost is always a major factor. When you have planned for an extended RV trip, then you have to pack sufficiently for food supplies, clothes and other essential supplies.

While packing different stuff, you should always remember the weight piling on that will be stuffed in the RV. For example, you can easily make do without bulky quilts and blankets and instead carry light weight quilts and blankets when you are heading south for a summer vacation. The same logic applies for bulky winter coats, boots and gloves unless you are really keen to spend a good amount of time in the chilly mountains.

Importance of tool box

Toolbox supplies can also add on to the weight. The maintenance supplies and the tool box should also be carefully planned. You can pack limited smaller sockets and multi-adjustable wrenches rather than stuffing the case with complete line of working instruments and tools. If you are looking for comprehensive maintenance during the RV trip, you can always rely on the roadside assistance service providers rather than carrying bulky repair accessories with you.

Whenever you come across popular and useful RV packing tips, you will realize that most people talk about leaving the heavy tools at home. This is because most of them do not run a work area or a tool shop, where they can use the tools for repairs. If you decide to carry only the bare essential tools, then it indirectly helps in providing enhanced fuel efficiency. The savings on gas will be substantially more compared to what you might have to pay for any additional repair tools.

Another useful tip for an RV journey is to fill the automobile’s fresh water tank half unless you are aware that you will not be able to fill the tank during the journey or at the destination. It is always recommended that some water is always kept in the tank since you can never predict when there will be a water shortage or a power supply cut owing to any natural event like a forest fire.

These are some easy to implement useful RV packing tips to make your journey safe and memorable.

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