The Best Natural Lip Balm Discussed In Simple

The lip balm is one of the most important cosmetics there is. Most makeup and aesthetic items just cover up the face and attempt to make it look good, but lip balms do more than that. Lip balms can protect the lips from drying up and becoming chapped and even, cracked. Aside from that, using lip balm can aid you to avoid other disorders including stomatitis and cheilitis. However, you have to be cautious in choosing the lip balm for you because some lip balms contain very strong chemicals and instead of protecting your skin, it may even worsen its already dry state. In order to avoid all these you may switch to the best natural lip balm available in the market.

With all of the hype on organic and all natural nowadays, lip balms have also joined the bandwagon with natural lip balms advertised as having all natural ingredients. In fact, there a god many cosmetic companies who now produce lip balms that are all natural, organic, and free of harmful chemicals and fragrances and because they do not contain these damaging and detrimental ingredients, they protect the lips and soften them up without putting them in harm's way.

While I was on a hunt for the best natural lip balm, I came across Burt's Bees which are seen to produce some of the best natural lip balms ever. They have come up with a lip balm made from all natural and organic ingredients like for instance almond oils, beeswax, peppermint oil, lanolin, and rosemary extract. Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm protects the lips from the harmful rays of the sun, bad weather, cold wind, and other extreme weather conditions that can cause lips to become dry. Say good bye to chapped, cracked lips with the Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm. It even contains antioxidants and vitamins that restock your skin with its lost nutrients and even nourish it with vitamins that it have needed all these years.

Revive Me is also one of the most interesting natural lip balms I came across while I was searching for the best lip balm. This lip balm contains Manuka Honey and beeswax and when these two ingredients are combined, they can provide the best protection to your lips and at the same time give it the nutrients that it needs to keep it soft, smooth, and healthy looking throughout the entire day. However, the only setback using this natural lip balm is that you have to apply it at least three times a day while others require only a single application a day. At the same time, Revive Me possess anti-inflammatory properties which will help you reduce the appearance of swollen lips which usually happens when you have cold sores.

Posted by Michelle Rawlings