One of the Common Hiking Problem Faced by Hikers

There are many common hiking problems faced by even experienced hikers and some of them are dehydration, fatigue, blisters and problems with gait. Read on to find out how to avoid them.

Hiking has become the favorite past time for many people living across the globe. This is because a person is able to visit new places and explore new destinations offered by Mother Nature with extra ordinary scenic locations. But there are many common hiking problems that are faced by hikers that would lead to serious infections if not provided immediate medical attention. Generally, blisters are also a major problem faced by hikers and caused by the friction of shoes or socks or rubbing of boots against the feet. When this happens continuously for a longer period of time, it leads to breakage of skin and eruptions called blisters. 


The common hiking problem – Blisters

Blisters occur in the surface of the skin as the moisture of skin is deprived due to constant rubbing. This is the common hiking problemas walking constantly is a necessity in hiking. The other reasons that might cause blisters might be wearing shoes or boots that might not fit you perfectly. The socks you wear might be slippery and would let the shoes to interact directly with the skin. There is also possibility that the wetness of the skin would be erased fully in this process making the surface of the skin to be dry and also causes it develop blisters of many sizes.

Wearing boots or shoe while hiking that are made up of harder material does not allow the skin to breathe and also damages the skin during the hiking process. This is the most commonly faced problem by hikers as they are constantly on the move. Wearing socks that are made of materials such as silk, Lycra, satin, polyester and other synthetic material would deprive the skin of your legs and dries out the moisture the entire trip causing the skin prone to blisters. This is due to the fact that these materials fail to provide the much needed comfort to the legs.

Ways to avoid the common hiking problem called blisters

While undertaking a hiking trip it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes that are made of sturdy but soft materials. These boots or shoes must be perfectly fit according to your size. Also remember to wear previously used shoes or boots for the hiking trip. Never wear the new ones that you have purchased recently as it might have a lesser degree of comfort. Also opt for the socks that are made of woollen or cotton varieties. Ensure that they are thicker and offer a great level of cushion and comfort to the tired feet. These socks also will be capable of evading the hotness caused due to continuous walking.

Preventing common hiking problems such as blisters is very easy if you take care of your feet regularly. Take frequent breaks from hiking and take off your shoes immediately and rinse in water. Then dry the shoes or boots well before putting them on. If you feel a pebble or stone in your socks or shoes remove your socks immediately and take it off as it might hurt your feet. Also remember that in case you detect the symptoms of occurrence of a blister then, make sure you thoroughly clean the area with a disinfectant and apply an antibacterial ointment.

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